The unique sleeve mechanism developed by MonPhill’s consists of a sliding system with a fixed cap. When you open the cap you can click it to the bottom of the mechanism; this way you can never lose the cap.

Premium Brushes
Our synthetic bristles are 100% vegan, antibacterial and of high quality. Because the brush heads are interchangeable, James is easy to clean. The hairs dry quickly, do not fall out and do not break.

James’ timeless and unique design makes him the ultimate eye-catcher. The sleeve mechanism uses carefully selected materials such as durable plastic and scratch-resistant aluminium.


We are the first company worldwide designing a retractable brush with a click system and an integrated cap. We only use carefully selected materials to produce James. Our timeless/ extraordinary design is made of durable plastic and coated aluminium which is scratch resistant. That makes it a unique gadget for in your hand.


Our synthetic hairs are 100% vegan. Synthetic hairs are more hygienic than natural (animal) hairs. Natural hair provides a very comfortable climate for bacteria which can cause acne or skin allergies. Synthetic hairs have antibacterial properties.


Be smart. Click & go.


With the James you have everything in one! A luxurious eye-catcher in your beautiful handbag. Interchangeable brush heads that fit into one mechanism. No use of animal hairs but synthetic hairs of the highest quality, that do not fall out or break. Hygienic and easy to clean. Our design is easy to carry and saves space in your handbag.


The integrated cap allows you to close the makeup brush without losing the cap. In addition, you will receive a little luxury case for the other two separate brush heads. This way you can always take the brush and all the brush heads with you without getting a dirty (toilet)bag.

Brush heads

The James comes with 3 brush heads. The brush set includes a contour brush, a foundation brush and a bronze brush.

The brush head Lucia has a rounded and full shape. Because of the soft bristles this brush absorbs the bronzer well. This ensures an ultimate controlled application without blotchy results. This makes Lucia ideal to apply all compact and loose powders quickly and efficiently to even out the complexion.

Tip: Lucia is very suitable for applying a bronzing powder. Start bronzing with your cheeks and then apply the rest of your face, such as your hairline and jaw. For a blush, just apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks.

Honey Rider
Honey Rider

The brush head Honey Rider has a rounded and angled shape. This makes her very suitable for blending and contouring. For example, Honey Rider can be used to apply a liquid foundation or a solid and compact powder. She also works perfectly for blush and highlighter applications.

Tip: When you choose to apply a liquid foundation with this brush head, first apply dots of foundation on your face. Then rub it out with the Honey Rider. This will create a perfectly even finish to your foundation.


The Giacinta brush head is multifunctional thanks to its straight flexible hair and firmly trimmed shape. So with Giacinta you can actually do everything you prefer: such as applying foundation beautifully and evenly, but also e.g. bronzing or compact powder, without creating hard lines or streaks.

Tip: Giacinta is suitable to quickly update a powder product when you have shiny skin, for example. When applying the foundation, start by applying the product to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and then the rest of the face.

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