Designed in The Netherlands

About us

MonPhill’s is a young company, founded by Philippe and Genevieve. Because of Philippe’s study and age, he has a special view on today’s industry. He has an interesting view on today’s global discussion about climate change and global warming and wanted to contribute in any way that he can. Philippe: “The current generation can’t go back, we are used to so much luxury”. There is so much waste, especially in the cosmetics world. Beautiful packaging, which eventually disappears into the garbage can or drawer after use. Time for a change…

This could be different, could it not?

The idea came in March 2019.

Philippe, Genevieve’s eldest son and student of Industrial Engineering and Management, asked his creative mother to help him design a company logo for a study project. With a number of fellow students, a fictitious company was started on behalf of the course.

“Let’s see, what are you going to sell?”she asked. Philippe conjured up a set of inferior quality make-up brushes from a plastic supermarket bag.

“Makeup brushes? I can buy this quality on every street corner!” Genevieve reacted surprised. “I don’t know, I’m in a group with a couple of girls and they decided. That’s fine. I can’t compete with them, I’m the only boy in the group” answered Philippe laconically.

Two months later, the makeup brush adventure came to an end. Philippe carefully observed an expensive lockable makeup brush from a renowned fashion and cosmetics brand of his mother. He has always been interested in the technical side of a product. Genevieve had bought the brush for the name. But it had many disadvantages. For example; the cap did not lock anymore. Several times that cap had fallen on the floor of a restaurant toilet. The makeup brush took up a lot of space in the handbag, especially if you use more than one (for the matte powder, highlighter and rouge or bronzer you use different brushes after all. You don’t want to look like a Christmas ball). The hairs didn’t hold the powder well. There was moisture in the hollow space of the stem by washing the hairs. So tricky.

This could be different, could it not?

Mother & Son

Company founders

Philippe & Genevieve

Philippe is a student of Industrial Engineering and Management. The makeup brush adventure didn’t let go of him and together with a renowned Dutch engineering company James was designed. This team consisted mainly of men; their view on products – including female make-up products – was clearly different, more practical. James, like James Bond, is tough and handsome and solves every problem! For over a year and a half we worked on James as a team.

Genevieve is the mother of three children, of which Philippe is the eldest. As a young woman, Philippe was just born, she started a company with her ex-husband, which became a success. After her divorce, entrepreneurship started to itch again. Together with Philippe she started MonPhill’s

The company name MonPhill’s was invented by Genevieve. Phill is of course an abbreviation of Philippe. Many international companies already use this name. But Philippe and Genevieve wanted to use part of the name in the company name. The ‘double L’ just looked better. And ‘Mon’? After all, he is Genevieve’s son: MonPhill’s…mon fils.

The future of MonPhill’s

First of all, James will be expanded. He will appear in several colour combinations. There will also be multiple brush heads available.

MonPhill’s is aware of the pollution of the cosmetics industry, but also of the waste. A big problem are the impulse purchases by the consumer. Do you recognize yourself in this? You buy that beautiful eye shadow palette again, of which you only use a few colours and what eventually disappears into the drawer. MonPhill’s is going to change that and wants to break through standing traditions within the world of cosmetics. Future music. We’ll keep you posted.