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A Luxury Retractable Brush

Introducing james

As MonPhill’s we took the standard retractable makeup brush and redesigned it in our own special way. The unique feature of this brush is the fact that it has three brush heads with just one mechanism. Made from the highest quality raw material James Luxury Makeup Brush is easy to carry and takes up little space in your handbag. It’s versatile, durable and luxurious – a better version of the current retractable makeup brush.

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The James comes with 3 basic brushes. The brush set includes a contour brush, a foundation brush and a bronze brush. Head over to our shop page to order your James today!

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About us

MonPhill’s is a Dutch start-up company specialised in improving and refining cosmetic products and accessories for today’s modern woman. The fashion- conscious woman with a busy life due to her studies, career and/or social life. The critical woman who travels a lot, is passionate about the environment and values the philosophy of the company where she buys her products. With this woman in mind, MonPhill’s has developed a brush set for any handbag: the James.

We only use the best raw materials to produce James. Our mechanism is made of durable plastic and coated aluminium which is scratch resistant. Our brush hairs are made of the highest- quality synthetic fibers, to which bacteria can not adhere and because we use synthetic fibers, no animals are harmed in the production of this product.

No more purchasing different types of brushes that and in a drawer unused. James benefits our planet: quality, luxury and sustainability without waste.

Claire Pronk


A good make-up brush is very important to me! The better the brush, the nicer you can apply your make-up. I am a fan of MonPhill’s. Why are you a fan of MonPhill’s? This brush has 3 interchangeable cups. So I can touch up my bronzer, highlighter and my blush without my whole face being red, bronzed and full of golden glitter.”

Hanneke de Haas


“Even though we can’t travel right now and we spend a lot of time at home, I still like to grab my MonPhill’s brushes when I’m getting ready. One holder with three different brushes. Super handy (and especially if you go away for a day/weekend/week, you only need one holder for three brushes.”

Gabriela de Graaf


“Travelling is great fun, but it also needs to be done a bit efficiently. Often you have to deal with hand luggage and you have to be smart with packing. This used to be a thing with all the different make-up brushes. Now I have the @monphill’s brush and I don’t have this problem anymore. It is a 3 in 1 brush so it takes up almost no space in your suitcase or bag. I really think it is a solution.”

Iris Eigenhuis


“This is my favourite makeup brush. You can easily take this brush with you in your bag and it comes with three attachments. This way you can complete your whole make-up look, great concept!”



“I live for me-time mornings. The scent of freshly washed hair, beautifully lacquered nails and an extensive makeup session with my MonPhill’s brushes. This brush has three attachments, so you’ll have your whole look fixed in no time. My favourite beauty moment.”

Celine Smit


“For applying my make-up I use this handy 3 in 1 MonPhill’s makeup brush. You can use the 3 different brushes for bronzer, blush, highlighter or to blend your foundation nicely, without getting your make-up bag dirty! You can also easily close the brush.”

Dani Zijlstra


For my work I’m often on the road, now I’ve been using MonPhill’s and I love it! The brush is very handy to take with me in my make-up bag. My bag stays clean and you can easily change the brushes.

Djuna de Datthijn


“Since the last couple of months I use the ideal brush from MonPhill’s. You can change the attachments, and it saves space in my make-up bag. Also, the brush doesn’t get dirty because it has an integrated cap. I always use a different attachment to apply my bronzer, blush and highlighter. I love it!”